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Why should I take these courses?

This is a one of a kind institute for the modern Christian woman.  You will be challenged and empowered for positive change and outcomes
You’re an intelligent, loving woman who has tried everything to understand why you are getting terrible outcomes, you go online and see all the beautiful photos of couples and wonder why you don’t have this; you ask yourself why am I missing out on the life I deserve…
If you’ve asked yourself…
  • “Why am I still single?”
  • “Why is my marriage in shabbles”?                 
  • “Why can’t I attract Mr. Right?”
  • “How can I make my marriage better?”
  • “How did my marriage end?”                          
  • “What’s wrong with me?”
Without realizing it, life is passing you by.
Whether you’ve been disrespected, betrayed, in a relationship or if you have never had any sort long-term relationship.  YOU HAVE THIS LIFE THAT YOU ARE WORKING SO HARD ON BUT THE BEAUTIFUL OUTCOMES YOU WANT ARE ESCAPING YOU.

Wife Life Institute
 takes you through a duplicatable, practical, spiritual and emotional reprogramming course. This course will reveal the root cause that is hindering you now or will hinder you in the future. This institute is designed to train you to have beautiful, lasting relationships.
As a registered nurse, our founder is trained to heal but as a Christian woman she feels called to heal.

• Identify and resolve the thought and behavior patterns that keep you from attracting healthy emotional outcomes to lasting love using scientific and bible based trainings and interventions.
• Build something beautiful to move gracefully into the, most authentic budding version of yourself so that you become irresistible to your man to be or your husband.
• Improve your ability to have healthy intimate connections for the love you desire.

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